one woman's quest to live the life she's imagined all while daring you to do the same

the year of magical dreaming

With 2014 already patting me on the butt to step up to gosh-dern plate, I’ve hastily crafted my new mantra: All Guts, All Glory.

That said, I’ve started a little early on things around here. New Year’s resolutions are flying out of my mouth faster than I can stuff ’em back in. I’ve got buckets full of lists that I’m ready to tackle. And, Yes! Of course, I’m terrified. My palms are sweating on the keys as I write this. I’m nervous as all hell that I won’t, in fact, MAKE IT, but my goal with THE YEAR OF MAGICAL DREAMING is to demonstrate what it means to straddle that fence where stifling fear and the freedom of fearlessness lie on either side. And, of course, push you to do the same.

I hope you’re ready for the ride, as I steadily work to convince myself that I am;) …all guts, all glory…all guts, all glory…ALL GUTS, ALL GLORY!

By the way, the featured video was filmed after I rehearsed my lines aloud on the train and then again to myself, but also aloud, in Starbucks. The audience members were innocent green market goers who got dragged into the shoot. (Some seemed happier about that than others;) Just for the record, I’m not starting this challenge with any super powers, that shoot had me sweating too.

I leave you with this: What scares the shi-shi out of you? If money were no issue, who/what would you be? What’s on your bucket-list this year?

Onward! Shall we?

ps. this site is under construction, so please pardon the progress as we grow and build.

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