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i am inspired. i am unstoppable.

*stairway to heaven – oahu, HI, 2007

Today’s centering thought in my meditation was “I am inspired. I am unstoppable.” How deliciously appropriate. I have been participating in the new Deepak & Oprah daily meditation experience: Desire & Destiny. Although I meditate everyday on my own, I always find these 21-day challenges a great way to mix things up. And this specific series couldn’t have come at a better time. Gotta love synchronicity.

Coincidentally, I just got out of a meeting/get-together with a friend, Eliana, I met through Josh Shipp’s Youth Speaker University. We first met in California in July at the YSU conference where we shared a room and got to know each other a bit over the course of our short stay; we clicked immediately. Turns out she lives in NJ, so we plan to see more of each other in the coming months.

Eliana, for me, is one of many like-minded people who I insist on touching base with periodically. After an hour of meeting with her, I feel charged and ready to rock. Now that I’ve come out of my recluse writing stage, I’m excited to switch gears and have coffee with people who know people who might need/like what I do. It’s refreshing to see others on much of the same path. Quiz them on their strategy. Borrow pieces of their system. We are all each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

Eliana also meditates. We talked about intentions and intuition. She gets this stuff. She told me an amazing story about when she asked for an answer from God about what to do next. The message came in the most unexpected of places, yet clear as day, no questions asked.

That’s only happened to me once’r seven times;)

We talked about what it means to ask the universe for what you want, the importance of being specific, and then letting go of the outcome because the plan may not look like what you expected. We have both seen this work magic in our lives. It’s plain, it’s simple, it’s trust. And it’s life-changing.

I know when I am inspired–with good clear intentions–I am unstoppable. The goal is to stay in that zone, with eyes wide open, for anything is possible.

I leave you with this: Find your tribe. Start gathering like-minded people into your contacts. Get out and connect. Also, surround yourself with books, articles, youtube clips that inspire you. Get out in nature and check in with your sense of awe. Go to a concert or show and let them give you goosebumps. Look for inspiration and inspiration will find you!

#onward and unstoppable

*The featured pic is of an early morning adventure to stairway to heaven where quite likely at that point I am shi-shiing my pants. I was terrified, but I took it one step at a time. With tears of satisfaction and joy that greeted me at the top, I was thrilled my friends had inspired me to find my inner rock star!

4 Responses to “i am inspired. i am unstoppable.”

  1. katiekate1784

    ummmmmmmmm your pretty much the wise turtle from the heavens. love you kat hurley, so glad you are my family. seeeesters till we are old and crazy on the porch together. love you always!


    • kat.hurley

      wise turtle! you are the cutest, katiekate. i can’t wait to be old and crazy in my rocking chair, yelling at the hooligans disturbing my tea;)



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