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the presence of fear…

*Makapu’u 2008

“The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength.” Yet another spot-on gem from A Course in Miracles, which admittedly I haven’t read yet. It’s only one million and twenty-seven pages long, though still on my list;)

I happened across this quote on FB actually from SpiritJunkie, and found it incredibly fitting for us here at TYOMD. Ironically, I came across several posts on fear and trust yesterday. Seems I’m not the only crazy one testing the limits these days.

Elizabeth Gilbert was even in on the discussion, addressing fearlessness on her fan page. She said this, which I found rather perfect.

“Listen up, you guys. It’s time to set the record straight on creativity and fear. There is some kind of bullshit notion floating around out there that creativity requires fearlessness. Or that creativity cannot coexist alongside fear. Making it seem as though only the fearless can be creative. (First of all, who are “the fearless”? I’ve never met them. I have certainly never been them.)

To be very clear: Creativity can ONLY coexist alongside Fear.

I have always lived a creative life, and I know that you can’t be creative without being vulnerable. And you can’t be vulnerable without experiencing fear.”

And this is why I love this woman! She went on to give a conjoined twin analogy, infusing her wit and grace, describing how one has to accept the other. Liz has been a wonderful mentor to me, albeit virtual; she has written and spoken extensively about her own doubts and fears. And it is that vulnerability that I believe has made her and many other artists successful. Nobody likes a no-it-all, a Superman without his softer more real and personable Clark Kent.

It is that divine dance with fear that we have to hold out our hand for. We have to be willing to step onto the floor. Sometimes fear will lead, sometimes you’ll take over. It’s all in the trusting that you know the steps. You’ve trained your whole life for this, now go ‘head and twirl ’till your heart’s content!

I leave you with this: Who do you consider a mentor (however distant)? What is it about them that you find so attractive? What quotes, passages, excerpts, etc. speak directly to your heart? Collect them. Gather them in your arsenal; you will likely need them in your quest for badassery.

#Onward in trust

*if you were to zoom in on the above photo you will find a fixed “oh shit!” face. (aside) wave was much larger than it appears;)

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