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sincerity magnifies manifesting: Tererai Trent’s Story

I was first introduced to Dr. Trent’s story last year at the Women in the World Summit at the Lincoln Center in New York City. Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Diane Von Furstenberg, Sara Blakely, Tom Hanks and many many more were all in attendance over the course of the two-day conference to discuss courageous, remarkable, creative, tech-savvy, successful women all over the world.

Oprah was there specifically for the Tererai Trent follow-up interview; she claims “Her favorite interviewee of all time.” Of course I cried, because Oprah always makes me cry. Seriously though, this concept of manifesting or Law of Attraction or whatever name you’d prefer to call it, speaks so genuinely to me, it always makes me a little weepy.There is something so earnest about Dr. Trent’s story that makes it that much more special.

In fact, I left that two-day conference with a sense of shame for how much of my free American education I took for granted. In all honesty, I’ve spent the better part of the last five years trying to play catch-up on all that I wasted.

I know I talk about manifesting a lot in both my coaching practice and here at TYOMD, but I think it’s important to delve a little deeper than just affirmations and dream boards. I have mentioned the concept of living in alignment and I want to break that down a little more.

Language: I can’t focus on this enough. It is so important to be mindful of not only the language that we speak, but also the inner monologue that never ceases to quiet on its own accord. Take note of just how negative you are, and little by little start tweaking it for the positive. Reversing, ten, twenty, thirty-plus years will not happen overnight, so be patient with yourself, and forgiving. Every moment is an opportunity to begin again.

Honesty: Our little white lies that we feed others create a disconnect within us that suddenly you’re able to tell yourself those same lies, and worse, believe them. The sooner you break that really unbecoming habit, the more quickly you’ll be living in better alignment, even if you lose a not-such-a-good-friend or two along the way.

Actions: It’s simple. Do what you say you are going to do. Or don’t say it at all. All these niceties that have become our cultural norm, are again just more bullshit getting in the way of us following through with our word. Our word means so much more than we credit it. But our subconscious is listening, always.

Respect: Respect your body. Respect others. Respect the earth. Poisoning your body with crap food or other vices on a regular basis is a sure sign of a lack of self-respect. If you’re goal is to manifest greatness in this life, you best make sure that you are treating your body as the temple it is, for starters.

Respecting others is acknowledging that we are all one. Their path may be different; you might not agree with their journey, but, thankfully, that’s not your job. Just as “What others think of you is none of your business, what you think of them is also none of their business.” You will be a much better/happier person for extending compassion to those you disagree with than trying to change them. Lead by example.

Respect the earth. Besides just going green-er, try to get out in nature as often as you can and tune into the sites, the smells, the rhythms. I’ve had some really great intuitive insights out in nature; it’s an ever abundant resource that we should be tapping into more.

Alignment, I guess you could say, is analogous with sincerity. When you are able to get so utterly clear on your vision AND do so by living (against the norm) with the utmost sincerity, you WILL begin to manifest what you desire in this life. Pinky promise.

If you think for one second that Dr. Trent was not completely genuine in her wish for the highest of education, I’d beg to differ. I’m sure she had fears; I’m sure she had doubts, but deep down she was so stinkin’ clear about what it was that she desired AND she was willing to make all the sacrifices necessary to make it happen.

Since the above Oprah interview, she has helped build several schools and given the gift of education to hundreds, if not thousands, of young African students.

I leave you with this: What areas of your life might need some tidying up to be on your way to living in fuller alignment? What sacrifices are you willing to make for your dreams?

#Onward in earnest

Much Love,


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