one woman's quest to live the life she's imagined all while daring you to do the same

Trickier than you think…right?

I bought this little stack of conversation cards last night on our Holiday Market/Barnes & Noble date. I thought it would be a great, fun, way to learn more about Elisa over a glass of wine, a nice alternative to me barking at her to stop scrolling Instagram. AND also a good way for us to get clarity on what we want, outside of the norm of what we’d think to ask for.

As you can imagine, some cards required a little more thought than others: If you could have a 30-minute daily radio show, what would the topic be? Format? If you wrote an autobiography, what would the title be, other than your name?

Yet, this one in particular I found the trickiest of them all.

If you could swallow a pill that would stop anything of your choice from ever happening to you again–anything except keep you from getting sick–what would the pill permanently end?

The immediate things that came to mind: fear, grief, anxiety, failure…

Just as I started to say them though, I retracted.

Then I thought poverty, nope, I need to know that too. Thankfully I’ve never experienced hunger, so I couldn’t choose that one. It did specifically say, “again.” And, don’t get me wrong, I’m no fool to the fact that my “poverty” is considered wealth in many parts of the world.

The longer I searched for something to eliminate, the more I embraced the broad spectrum of emotions, and the benefits from even those we perceive as negative.

It is only in the past five or so years that I’ve come to know deep gratitude for even my most painful experiences. I have been bankrupted and broken, and still I wouldn’t change a thing.

I want to be scared, that way I know I’m on the right path. I want to fail, and I have, each time getting closer and closer to success. I want to grieve, as it teaches me to love more in the moment.

I want to remain steadfast in my trust in the journey. I certainly wouldn’t have asked for it to all go down like this, but I firmly believe it has all happened for a reason.

I leave you with this: What would your pill eliminate from ever happening again? Are you sure?


Much Love,


PS… As always, feel free to leave your comments below. I’d love to see your answers to this one.

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