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Here’s to the Crazy Ones


I am reading the book The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs. And like many “square pegs in round holes” he fascinates me, but honestly I don’t know much about the man. I’ve read articles, sure, and seen some interviews, yet what intrigues me more than the glitz of all the tech triumphs is the guts it took to wake up each morning and ask, “If I am going to die today, would I be happy with what I’m doing?”

According to the book, a startling 3% of people go after their dreams and live a life of passion and purpose. People spend more time penning their grocery lists than they do thinking about what their ideal life looks like.

We are a culture of “doing” rather than “being.” To be, in essence, would be a knowing of where we’re going and why. To sit in front of a blank canvas and see life. To break silence with exquisite melody. To run farther than we thought possible because each step brings us closer to something we can’t explain. To simply say “yes” more often than we say “no.”

We say no, of course, in several ways: through procrastination, through Kardashian marathons, through fear and doubt, through ceaseless lists and constant excuses.

I don’t know, it may seem grim, but to truly live like we are dying; with our obvious mortality staring right back at us in the mirror, like Jobs did every morning for his last thirty years, I’m not so sure the perfect party invitations would matter so much, or the final episode of The Voice, or wasting in line for hours for 40% off your Black Friday favorite.

Ice Cube had it right: Check yo self before you wreck yo self!

I leave you with this: In what ways do you notice yourself procrastinating? Where in your life could you cut back on some serious time wastage and be more productive (not “doing,” remember, “being”)? In the next 48 hours, take note of how much time you waste: TV, internet, putzing, etc. How might your day be different if you lived like you were dying?

#Onward to being

Much Love,


2 Responses to “Here’s to the Crazy Ones”

  1. laurettablogs

    How timely! I am about to leave my life as I know it, including a 24 yr marriage, a house and all and move to Italy where I’ll be met by a blank canvas!
    I’ve decided that there is too much doing in this country and not enough being, like you say here, and want to embrace my passionate self and live life to the fullest.
    I am to write a blog by tonight and would love to follow suit with this topic if you don’t mind.
    Thank you for the inspiring thoughts. They confirm my choices!


    • kat.hurley

      But of course, Lauretta, please follow suit. There is so much more to be said on this topic. I look forward to reading. And congratulations to you for the guts to leave a marriage, a house, and a country;) I can’t wait to visit Italy some day. I imagine it breeds creativity;) Attroversiamo!



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