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No Regrets: A message from, 80-year-old, Janey Badass Cutler

Who better to learn this lesson of “No Regrets” from than 80-year-old, mum of seven, grandmother of thirteen, Janey Badass Cutler.

It is never too late to do what makes you happy. And in so doing, look at all the other lives you touch. Maybe not in front of a live television audience, if that doesn’t suit you, or on YouTube surpassing more than an astonishing 15,000,000 hits, but never disregard each and every individual you touch when you’re emanating true happiness. You never know the difference you make just by showing up in the world, offering your talents, your passions, your gifts. Certainly, our sister, Janey, had no clue; all the more reason to love her;)

True happiness is living in joy. It is not the casual niceties that those of us with manners are polite enough to extend. It is smiling when you’re walking down the street, even when no one’s looking. It is the awareness of abundance around you; genuine gratitude. It is capturing the fun you had with your family playing board games the night before, or the freedom of singing in the shower, or dancing in the car with abandon; bottling all that up and sprinkling it about when our minds would rather trick us into believing that life is hard, that laughter is fleeting, and pain is lasting.

It takes a lot of guts to live in your joy because with joy comes a sense of vulnerability. It also takes a little discipline. No running through your lists of chores, conversations that may never happen, fretting over bills that despite your worry will eventually get paid. It is being in the moment, not just for your own good, but for those around you who deserve more than your niceties. They don’t expect it, but could quite possibly be changed by your authenticity. Because your joy, whether you credit it this way or not, is contagious.

Living with no regrets, is true happiness; true happiness is living in joy; joy is contagious. I flunked this part of my SAT’s, but I’m pretty sure that means that living with no regrets is contagious. THEREFORE, by you having the courage to live your dreams, dance a little with your own vulnerability, you will inherently encourage others to do the same, which like Janey Cutler, equates you to BADASS.

I leave you with this: What brings you joy? What can you bottle up and carry with you to remind yourself that little else truly matters? In the next 48 hours, take some time for yourself, or with your family, to seek out a good dose of pure, unadulterated, joy. Go head! Have at it.

#Onward sans regrets

Much Love,


PS…if you need a little more gratitude in your life, please don’t hesitate to drop in on our open FB group: Gratitude is the New Sexy.

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