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Building the connection: mind, body, balance

*via food matters (great article–short–worth reading).

I’ve been talking intuition, here at TYOMD and with my transformational coaching clients, a lot lately. One piece I keep failing to mention though, is the full 360 approach. We can sit here and talk Zen till we’re blue in the face, but if we’re not also taking care of our bodies than nearly all is lost.

Intuition is nurtured by a deep respect for the mind/body. Regarding your body as a temple, as they say, is the surest way to develop clearer intuition.

We have at least three chances each day to honor our body by what we eat. What we drink is also important, as well as what we use to mask the symptoms/clues our bodies are giving us.

The early signs of what you see below, were written off as eczema by dermatologists. Although I had never had skin issues prior, not one of the four doctors I saw questioned my diet when they gave me three rounds of steroids and sent me home with some petroleum-based jelly to basically cover up what my body was obviously trying to tell me.

The steroids “worked” as well as the ointment, but because diet was never questioned, I continued to eat more and more of what I was later diagnosed as “allergic/sensitive” to.

Hence the further damage I did in the pic below:

20131223-151604.jpg*January 2013

I know, it ain’t pretty! This was me off the steroids trying to figure out holistically what was triggering this god-awful mess. Almost two-years after these patches had started on my hands I was finally sent to get some solid blood work done. An IGG test indicated I had sensitivities to garlic, almonds, wheat, soy and eggs.

I’m happy to report that I’m no longer a swollen hot mess. I’m not 100% healed just yet, but I’ve come a long way all because I listened to my body and sought alternative help, shout outs to Culinary Farmacy and Replenish Pdx. I honored my temple by feeding it well, resting, and lots and lots of yoga/meditation.

As a culture, I think we are quick to run from pain and dodge negative emotions/symptoms. Yet, there is much to be learned by it all, the good and what we might perceive as the bad. Had I continued on the steroids, I may have never concluded what foods were firing up my system, therefore creating an underlying inflammation that could have done even more damage.

I was exhausted. I often felt depressed. I couldn’t sleep. I certainly didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. There were thousands of quick fixes that I could have reached for, yet I had already instilled a holistic mindset. I knew I just had to slow down and listen.

In so doing, I was able to nurture my intuition. I am stronger and healthier now: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Sure, I’m a terrible party guest (high-maintenance, as my brother calls me), but I make up for it by bringing my own delicious dish to share;) (Yet, another shout out to my beautiful fiance/chef at culinary farmacy.)

I leave you with this: January 1 seems like everybody’s favorite RE-start day. In this coming week, begin brainstorming ways you can better honor your body in the New Year. Consistency is key; not perfection. We are all a work in progress;)

#Onward and inward

Much Love,


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