one woman's quest to live the life she's imagined all while daring you to do the same

do not try this at home.

… Unless of course your home is the stunning cliffs of Norway and you can’t help but not do what would surely make me cry like a school girl and shi-shi myself.

It was a 60 Minute special on “bird people” last night that got me so intrigued by these insane risk takers. As I watched, I thought how different we are–me and the bird folks. I couldn’t even come up with a figure of what someone would have to pay me. And these guys do it for free! In fact, they pay to do it because I bet those outfits aren’t cheap.

But then, as I watched further, it became obvious just how similar we really are. I totally get what it feels like to be drawn to something that scares the hell out of you; so much so that you feel even more compelled to do it.

They stumbled on their words trying to describe the feeling of being in the moment and how exhilarating that is. I feel the same way on stage; hard to explain, but if you’ve felt it before, you know what it is.

The longer I watched I realized our similarities far outweighed our differences. They felt passion in their sport; purpose in sharing it with the world. They felt closer to nature and in tune with their instincts. They were living their dream.

Sure ain’t my dream, but mad props and mad respect all the same. I wonder how they feel about public speaking;)

Yet another reminder that passion comes in all shapes and sizes and my dreams might actually be your nightmare. I’m no musician, but I feel invigorated at a concert as I revel in watching an artist in his/her zone. I feel the same at a show, or in the subway with the immensely talented street performers. Those willing to risk it all for their craft—I will forever be fascinated and inspired by them; both those who “make it” and those in it all for the love.

I leave you with this: In the next 48 hours observe someone in their element, in person if you can. Even if you’re watching a band or a team…just focus on one person. Notice the fluidity of their actions, their facial expressions, their body language. Is there an activity in your life that gets you in the zone? What does that look or feel like for you? How can you get there more often?

#Onward in flight

Much Love,


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