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…because it’s the only day!

In an interview I caught yesterday with Reid Tracy, Wayne Dyer reminded me of that “chunk it down” concept that I love so much. It is the marathon training model. How we don’t just go out day one and run the full 26 miles. We scale it back, and then back again if we have to. Day 1: Get off the couch. Day 2: Get off the couch and put on running gear. Day 3. Get off the couch, put on running gear and stretch.

When we have the end goal in mind, we can break it down to where we WILL be in six months; one month; one week; tomorrow. With this “chunking down” of our goals there is practical and feasible action to be taken to-day!

And that’s when we move forward. Even if it feels like a crawl pace, forward movement is magic in action.

That way, each day is a small victory. And there is nothing better to fuel motivation than victories, no matter how minute. Plus, (no pun intended) they add up! A week’s worth of daily victories ain’t no small potatoes, my friend; a month’s worth — we’re kicking ass!

On my list today is 10 cold emails to schools for speaking opportunities, a newsletter to my I Think I’ll Make It email list wishing them a happy and awesome New Year, cleaning up the backend of tyomd, workout, and 1/2 hour meditation. I make my list the night before when my ideas are fresh, and that way when I wake up I don’t let distractions steer me in new (and often unproductive) direction.

Sure, those 10 schools may not respond, which if I let it could make me feel like a loser for today’s work. BUT, that’s not how I see it. And I know that’s not how it is seen in the eyes of the Universe. ANY work in the direction of our dreams is a big heads-up to the Universe that we’re ready and willing. Remember, the plan may be different than we imagined, so we must be patient (because it’s usually better), and keep doing only that in which we can control. No excuses. The reward is worth it. I promise.

I leave you with this: What is a goal for you that can be chunked down into daily measurable and attainable tasks? Develop your own “marathon plan.” What WILL it look like in 6 months? One month? One week? Tomorrow? Remember, take advantage of today, because it’s the only day!

Much Love,


PS … if you need help with goal development or “chunking down” please feel free to ask. This is a big part of what I do AND delightfully my passion. I’d be happy to see if I can help, so please don’t ever be afraid to holler!

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