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Fake it till you become it: No shit, this is brilliant.

This breaks every bit of my 7 minute video rule by almost 3x, my apologies. But believe me when I say it’s totally worth the 20 minute timeout. You can start in at 4 min and miss the intro if you’re pressed for time, but to be rated in HuffPo as one of the top 6 best TedTalks of 2013, you know this shit is good–in fact, the last 10 minutes are, no bullshit, life changing!

We know the mind can change the body, but can the body actually change the mind? According to this Harvard researcher, it absolutely can. It’s a cheap, 2-minute turnaround that can make all the difference for some. And I for one, will be sure to test it.

As I was watching this talk, I realized that I stand big. I never associated it with power though. In fact, I never thought much of it at all. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t know what it feels like to play small. I’ve certainly been there too: tests that I didn’t study for, the principals office (even as a teacher;), job interviews that I weren’t prepared for, getting pulled over. I can’t wait to try this technique before I go onstage!

I geek out on this mind/body science. I find it absolutely fascinating. Again, every time we think we know something, it is further evidence that we have no frickin’ clue. But little tidbits like this, about something as simple as body language, are such valuable tools to empowerment in a world that, for some, can feel overwhelmingly defeating.

I love the part in the video when she breaks down. Before that, I kinda liked her, but when that opportunity for vulnerability came up and she was brave enough to go there, instantly we were besties! Did you notice that change? Please tell me you did (only because I’ve been going on and on about vulnerability for weeks;)

The truth is, I could relate. I totally get the “I shouldn’t be here” thing.

When I was five, psychologist predicted I would never lead a happy or “normal” life. And I spent the first twenty-five years of my life proving them correct. My first few glimpses of weightless peace and blissful happiness, I felt like an absolute fraud. Everything about where I’d come from and how I’d reacted in the past told me that I wasn’t deserving of it, that I couldn’t have it, it wouldn’t last.

So what did I do, exactly what Amy Cuddy suggests: Faked it till I became it.

And I’ve done it countless times since.

In all transparency, isn’t that what tyomd is all about? We should have t-shirts or something;)

So I can’t yet report on the Wonder Woman stance thing, but no fear … I will get back to you on that. I can say from experience, however, that we never have to accept the proverbial cards we were dealt. We, with the right ambition, CAN abso-frickin-lutely do anything! Now we just have to get our body on board.

I leave you with this: In the next 48-hours, see if you can work in this awesome Wonder Woman pose: before a meeting, before an important phone call, before (insert your stressful situation that makes you feel small). (From what I’ve been told here on the inside, the outfit makes it work better. Just sayin.) We shall conduct our own study! Comments on this one earn big bonus points.

#Onward to faking it

Much Love,


2 Responses to “Fake it till you become it: No shit, this is brilliant.”

  1. Anne Lene

    Thank you, for this gentle reminder 🙂 fake it have helped me time and time again over the years, but sometimes things happen and one forgets the tool… So thank you, this was perfect timing, I needed this….



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