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Believers are what make the world go ’round: remembering the why

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This whole concept of remembering the why has come up at least one-thousand-and-fourteen times in the last week or so. I read about it in The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs, also in The Willpower Instinct; Simon Sinek was talking about it in his Ted Talk I recently viewed, and I got a hint of it from Tony Robbins this morning as well.

So what does it mean: remembering the why?

First, we have to know what our why is. One of the reasons companies like Apple, Google, Zappos, just to name a few, have been so successful is because the entire core of their company revolves around their why. It’s not airy fluffy woowoo nonsense to talk about love and dreams and passions at these places. It’s not nerdy to wear company gear and have the mission statement memorized. They hire believers. And believers, my friends, are what make the world go round.

Despite what you may think, Apple’s core concept was not to be the best and make the most money, according to The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs. Jobs realized early on that if he was able to bring personal computing into the homes/hands of everyone, he could literally change the world.

And he did.

Most, if not all, of his decisions thereafter, were made with that very intention in mind. And, not that this is what he was going for, that’s a much higher frequency for the universe to respond to than “let’s be the best and make the most money.”

The why is essentially the purpose. It’s the big picture. It’s the passion that fuels the fire even when failure seems inevitable. According to Kelly McGonigal in The Willpower Instinct, the why is what motivates you to follow through with your goals.

If your goals aren’t set with the highest intentions in mind, they will lack the intrinsic motivation you’ll need to see them through to fruition, OR, and perhaps more importantly, be proud when you get there.

Sure, there are “highly successful” people out there who have no real good intentions. But are they happy? Are they truly happy? For these people, more will never be enough. Yes, they may have mastered strategies of success, but in some respects they are missing the boat entirely.

What is your why? How will you contribute?

“Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.” -tony robbins

My why is to influence and inspire others to dare to dream and to pursue their passions.

Try to get it down into a tweet. Really hone in on the core message.

Get t-shirts if you have to.

Become your why. Be your biggest believer. Ignite belief in others, not just of your dreams, but of theirs.

As Simon Sinek said in his very popular Ted Talk, Martin Luther King Jr. did just that.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” -simon sinek

I leave you with this: Find your why if you haven’t yet. Make a sign or two or several to hang around your home, your work, your car to remind you of your purpose. Let them act as subliminal messages when you think you’re overlooking them, OR seek them out when you need to recommit. Begin to live, eat and breathe your purpose. Embody it in your actions and your language.

And remember, changing the world isn’t all that difficult, when you just make the very commitment each morning.

#Onward with why

Much Love,


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