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No doubt, the man knows his shit

Tony Robbins – TED

I’ve been all hopped up on TED lately because I got an email highlighting the top viewed TED Talks of 2013. Although this Robbin’s vid was posted in 2006, it is still ranking in the top 10 talks of last year.

I have to admit, until this past year, I had never listened to, watched, or read Tony Robbins. I had been turned off by the light shows, the motivational music, the audience participation. Not to mention that I’ve always wanted to offer him a throat lozenge.

This talk, however, which I only saw for the first time the other day, proves why he is considered a genius. Plus, he’s got balls. I’ve never heard so many eff bombs dropped on the TED stage. AND he tells Al Gore why HE lost the election.

Also, you know I’m a sucker for a rags to riches story.

He CHOSE to give himself a better life. He CHOSE to shape his life according to his own dimensions. He CHOSE to be the best. And he is–still, 30 plus years later.

Think what you want about the man himself, but there’s no denying, through his extensive experience, he knows people. And he know’s what’s up.

Some of the gems:

“It’s never resources, it’s resourcefulness.”

“The importance of emotion. If we get a hold of the right emotion, we can accomplish anything.”

“Decisions shape destiny. What are you going to focus on? Meaning —> emotion. Psychological strength.”

“Our model of the world shapes us.”

“Imagine if your beliefs guarantee that you can never get where you want to go.”

I leave you with this: What basic human need is driving you right now? How can you elevate it to hit five and six? Where are your beliefs guaranteeing you’ll go? How can you redirect them?


Much Love,


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