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Mackle-more than Just Down with the Gays

*Spotted this on elephant journal and thought we could use a little funky motivational music around here.

Besides bringing awareness of the breath to the masses, I have to give my man props for breaking boundaries and busting outside the conventional box. Plus, almost killing yourself by drug overdose, does, in fact, constitute failure. And we celebrate winning on the other side of failure here at tyomd. Rock on!

Admittedly, I now know two songs by Macklemore, but a two-for-two record in Pop is saying something, I feel.

I snagged some of the lyrics:

“The present is right here.”

“Expectations are resentments just waiting to happen.”

“Reflecting on what matters: people, permanence lack of attachments.”

“Student of the breath.”

“I was put here to do something.”

“I’m not going to be content until I found gratitude.”

“Take all the ugly shit inside and try to make it beautiful.”

“I’m blessed to share my story.”

Turns out me and Macklemore have more in common than I would imagine. Except he thought he was gay way before I did;)

I leave you with this: In the next 48 hours, find some music that inspires you. Either re-visit the old or branch out into the new. Music is such a great healer, energizer, and motivator–right at your fingertips. Enjoy.


Much Love,


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