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He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else

“We are not so sensible of the greatest Health as of the least Sickness.” -ben.franklin

I saw this quote this morning on the Happiness Project blog. One of those quotes that makes you go hmmmm, as C + C Music Factory would say.

I read it like this first: we are quick to jump on our ailments, yet recognizing the wealth and abundance in days of full vibrant health is rare.

This, of course, whether B.F intended it this way or not, can be applied to physical, mental and emotional health.

I also read it as, and this again is my own interpretation, that we don’t often strive for the greatest health, yet settle for the least amount of sickness.

Either way, I thought they were great points of reflection. I’m gonna let you marinate on that this evening and see what you come up with.

In search of a good Franklin photo, I found another quote I like: “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” – B.F

There’s a lot a parallels here. (hmmmmm…)

I imagine it was my years of teaching high school that led me to acquire an aversion to excuses. I try never to make them. I catch myself when I start, and work diligently to rewind my way out of them. I have seen the HUGE benefit in my life by doing so, and I’ve helped many of my clients see the benefit of ditching them as well.

And that became one of my recent motivators to develop an awesome new online course.

Garner Your Grit: 1 goal, 6 weeks, No Excuses

The course will include stories from my own experience, info from the latest studies and research on willpower and mindfulness in goal achievement, as well as tactical tools, weekly challenges, and personal goal setting sessions with your hospitable host (me).

I leave you with this: Check out Garner Your Grit and see if it’s right for you or someone you know and love in your life. Secondly, ponder B.F for a minute. He knows what’s up;)


Much Love,


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