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The Lady in Number 6

Why are you so optimistic? … because the world is beautiful.

Nature is something extraordinary.

Music is phenomenal.

People that have no relationship to music are poor.

What is the secret of happiness? … optimism. And looking for the good. Life is beautiful. Be thankful that we are living. Wherever you look is beauty.

I know about the bad things, but I look to the good things.

When you want something, you achieve it.

The satisfaction to have done something well is happiness.

The first time when a baby starts to smile … it is good for us, for everybody, to know that tomorrow there will be something nice.

We are not aware how we are spoiled.

I want to see all the good things in life … I want, I want, I want.

I was first introduced to Alice Herz-Sommer last year when her interviews went viral online. It was only a few days ago that I got word of the recent documentary: The Lady in Number 6, featuring, a star in her own right, my very favorite centenarian. I was extremely disappointed to find that the film is not yet available in my region, so instead I spent the morning going through all her interviews on YouTube because she really is just that amazing.

She made me realize that it’s not just an old lady obsession I have, it’s an optimistic old lady obsession–totally different. The irony is, one of my dearest and favorite old ladies, my very own Gma, was not a full-time optimist. I’m not even sure she was a part-time optimist, sometimes is probably more accurate. But when she was having fun, everyone was … and that’s all that mattered.

What presence Alice has. In all the footage I watched this morning, it was apparent that everyone lit up around her. The zero ego factor must have allowed them to feel the innocence, the simplicity.

She reminds us not to take things for granted, to open our eyes to the beauty in nature, in art, in music. In one interview she said boredom is what makes people poor. Therefore, we must do what we love in order to also embody joyfulness. In that way, she reminds me a lot of Gma.

Alice says that she has no hate for the Nazis. She has even come to found gratitude for that time spent in camp. Alice claims to have chosen optimism. She believes that happiness is a choice. That we must choose to see the beauty.

I’m with Alice.

I leave you with this: Where in your life could you be more like Alice? How might that change things for you? You choose.

#Onward in optimism

Much Love,


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