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How to Find Your Passion — Quick and Dirty.

The trick with passion is that we often look for it outside of ourselves, like God, or the Universe, or source, or whatever your name is for the incredible energetic force that creates and sustains life. Instead, we must use that which is already inside us and bring passion to whatever it is that we already do.

It is like building a muscle. You don’t know strength by studying strength. You gain strength by doing. Same goes for passion.

When you make your bed with passion, shower with passion, do your coffee/breakfast thing with passion, and drive to work with passion. Wait …

Would you even recognize this person?

This guy sounds like a cracked out spiritual gangster. But guess what, this guy is also more kind, more generous, more gracious. He/she brings the bomb energy to work/school and guess who people notice (read: job promotion, networking, romance).

NOT, Mr. Un-passionate-complainer-pants. The same dude that sounds like all the other dudes, moaning and groaning.

When you bring the energy, you receive the energy. That simple.

If it is passion you’re after, you best bring it.

Just think, flossing your teeth will never be the same!

How miraculous and wondrous, hauling water and carrying firewood!” -layman pang, china 740-808 AD

I leave you with this: Even if you know your passion, bring more. It’s like love … it doesn’t run out;) Remember that poignant question: How can I serve? We can all serve by being more passionate and igniting passion in those around us.

#Onward in passion

Much Love,


PS. I’m hosting an online course beginning Feb. 9th, Garner Your Grit, 1-goal, 6-weeks, no excuses. If you’re like me and do really well with some sweet-lovin’ accountability, this course is for you. Do check it out;)

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