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Yoga: Worth the happy ending

If you could pay $20 for a ridiculously good 1 1/2 hour message each week, would you do it?

Damn right, you would!

And I only pay $7. Happy ending included!

Maybe not the happy or the ending you might be thinking. But it certainly ranks in my eyes as a delicious way to end a yoga class.

That’s right, people. I’m talking about yoga.

And that message is you using your body to stretch and bend and pretzel in ways only a tiny Thai woman has ever done to me. Ironically, now that I think about it, that message was also only $7. No happy ending though.

You have to shop around for the right studio. And the right teacher. $20 is on the high side, but it’s worth it if you go about once a week like me. I am lucky to have a studio nearby that offers sliding scale classes; you pay in accordance to your salary $7-$15. Super fair.

It’s a clean studio, with big windows, close to home, great teachers, and the ever important sticky mats are free to borrow.

All things to think about when you are shopping around for the right studio for you.

What does this have to do with magical dreaming you say?

Yoga is a great way to clear our blocks. It is part mental meditation and body release–a combo meal of zen. If we focus on where we are stumbling and squirming in our poses, it can be very insightful as to where we are holding our doubts, fears, (aka) stress and other such energy blockages.

Think about it, the word flexible itself has all sorts of cross-meaning. But you don’t have to be super flexible to benefit. Honestly, just showing up is more than half the non-battle.

And that’s really what it’s all about: non-battle. Breathing into discomfort, easing into resistance, remaining open to challenge.

Anyone starting to see some metaphors here?

This, of course, is fairly synonymous to meditation, which I talk about the benefits of often. Meditation, as you’ve heard me say can and should be done everyday … even if it’s five minutes.

If you’re not already a yogi or yognini though, I’d like to challenge you to just once a week. Admittedly today was my first day back after a longer-than-usual hiatus, and I feel high. No bullshit. It’s that good.

If you’re studio doesn’t offer a happy ending, keep looking. It’s totally worth it. You’ll see.

I leave you with this: Many yoga studios offer a first month special orientation package. In NYC they are around $45. Here, where we have hundreds of studios, I’m all about the groupon or the amazon local or whatever daily deal you can find. Yoga studios are always giving away intro classes. Special note: If you take yoga at your gym, but there is not a special studio for it and it is distracting and loud and the opposite of zen, treat yourself to a real studio … you won’t regret it.

#Onward in ohm

Much Love,


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