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The Road to Sochi: T – 4 Days

I’m super amped for the Olympics this year, even more-so than most for some reason. I love the games and the competition, but most importantly I love the incredible stories behind all the athletes, the obstacles they’ve overcome as well as the passion and will it took just to make the Olympic team.

Some have trained their entire lives for these moments. I can’t even begin to fathom the dedication, the focus it must take to compete. The sheer amount of weight being put onto just minutes and seconds of their lives. It is both thrilling and nerve-wracking to watch.

I have to admit, I’m a little jealous. To have known at such a young age what they felt called to do. AND to have the endless support of the family/people around them to pursue their dreams. It really is something to witness it all come to fruition.

What I love about sports is that none of the athletes are afraid to admit that they have thought about themselves standing on that podium for years. They have visualized their runs. They have day-dreamed their performances. They have seen themselves wearing the gold.

Only time will tell whether all the odds will be stacked in his/her favor on competition day, yet most will say that they gave it their all. They left their heart out there on the ice/slopes/track and have little to no regrets.

Even if our Olympic dreams were squashed years ago, whether it was lack of coordination, lack of motivation, or lack in cojones to dream so big, we can still borrow that same passion to accomplish whatever it is that we desire.

It starts with focus. Where can we put the most amount of energy? What is the end goal? How will it look/feel/taste/sound/smell when we get there? Who around us can be our support? We must build a dream team and surround ourselves with positive role models (even distant mentors). We must live, eat, breathe our dream like an Olympian if we want Olympic outcomes.

I leave you with this: How bad do you want it?

#Onward to Sochi

Much Love,


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