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T minus 3: The Road to Sochi

Sochi might not be ready, but I am!

For the next two weeks I will be inspired to do crunches during commercial breaks and cut back on the snow induced snacking that has become common place in our Brooklyn apartment as means to survive the polar vortex. Thankfully the athletes are more fully clothed in the winter olympics. At least we won’t have to stare at washboard abs for two weeks like we do for the summer games.

What we can expect from these games though is that the jumps will be higher, the tricks more technical and that the fast have gotten even faster. Beyond the athleticism of the athletes, I know I will be walking away from the next two weeks with admiration (and a little jealousy) of the awe-inspiring display of sheer guts and well-deserved glory.

They will make it look easy. They will tap into their “zone” and, for some, surprise even themselves with what they were capable of accomplishing. There will be disappointments and heartbreaks, but rest assured all will walk away better athletes and better people for have given it their all.

I saw in an interview yesterday that this is the triumph of all triumphs. You can’t buy, or network, or schmooze, or flirt your way onto the podium. Your rich dad can’t get you a medal, nor can your good looks. There is no way to the top without fighting for it. Underdogs vs. the favored, but it’s anybody’s games.

This is vulnerability at its greatest. Hearts are on helmets; for some this is their only shot.

Bring it, Sochi. I’m ready. I want a piece of what you’ve got.


Much Love,


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