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Got Change?

*Nothing brings down walls as surely as acceptance. -Deepak

Everything Leads to Evolutionary Growth

“On a profound level, every event in life has two possible causes. Either what happens is positive, or it is bringing up something you need to learn in order to create something positive. It’s the same with the body. What happens inside a cell is either healthy activity or a sign that a correction is needed. Although life can seem random, in fact everything is pointing to a greater good. Evolution is not a win-lose crapshoot, but a win-win journey to transformation.

Even when we succumb to the idea that life is unfairly arbitrary, the underlying principles of consciousness hold true. Change can be seen as the self-correcting mechanism that aligns us with our purpose in life. If we can bring ourselves − a leap of courage − to embrace change as our true teacher, our life hugely expands. We don’t try so hard to hold on to what we have, but learn daily to let go of the subtle attachments that creep into our minds. We find our own rhythm in the cycle of change: the expansion and the contraction, the light and the dark. Accepting change is the antidote to suffering. In order to find peace, we need to allow things to be in a constant state of flux.” -Deepak Chopra*

On this, like most things, I am totally down with Deepak. I firmly believe in the concept of embracing change because I have seen the power that it has played in my life. “Everything happens for a reason,” which has been said again and again has become a living mantra for me. Every obstacle has the power to grow into great opportunity–otherwise you’ll beat a dead horse until it’s still just a nasty smellin’ dead horse (believe me, I’ve tried).

Perspective plays a large role in not only how we see things, but where we intuitively focus our energy. It is a daily practice to not only say, “I got this, I hear you, I’m totally with you…,” but to BE it. When you begin to LIVE this in your core, as your truth, life will begin to appear a whole lot differently to you. I promise. Money back guaran-frickin’-teed.

Got change?…Good, use it!

I leave you with this: Is there a obstacle in your life that could use some embracing? Remember, whatever we resist persists. The only way out is through, and the only way through is love.


Much Love,



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