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Brain Training Secrets: The benefits of finding flow

The Brain Training Secrets of Olympic Athletes

I love this Huffpo article from top to bottom. It points to exactly what I’ve been talking about for the last couple of weeks: all the tricks we can borrow from top athletes on how to dream big and drive home results.



.Befriending thoughts

.Set smart goals

.Go with the flow

Important practices to hone when taking on any challenge, especially those that boil down to 90% mental and 10% talent (which at the top, when comparing the best from the best, is most).

I’d like to take #5–go with the flow–a few steps further, simply because it is not one that I write about as often.

Flow, as defined in the above article: a mental state in which the individual transcends conscious thought and achieves a heightened state of effortless and unwavering concentration, calm and confidence. [Some athletes refer to it as being in the zone.]

This is why running or exercise in general can be so meditative; as well as other activities: writing, dancing, gardening, cooking, or anything creative allows us to get outside of our typical thought patterns and generate some well-deserved peace.

Thanks to the mindfulness, aka present moment awareness, required to fully participate, our focus is away from our constant inner monologue and onto the activity at hand.

Without the blocks created by all the noise in our head, many creatives and athletes alike, have surprised themselves with what they were capable of achieving. The channels were open to receive outside energy, and some have described this experience as “being merely a vessel.” Some even refusing to take credit for what they know instinctively was not an act all their own.

What many of us don’t realize is that we can achieve this state of flow in everything that we do. Sure, it takes some practice. OK, it takes a lot of practice for everything; we’ll work our way up. But we can certainly start with doing more than we’re doing now, right?

Mindfulness throughout the day allows for that space as Eckhart Tolle calls it. That space of peace and quiet where there is room for delicious things like spontaneous bursts of creativity and divine guidance.

Don’t have time to meditate? No problem. Practice mindfulness while doing the dishes, while taking a shower, while vacuuming, while driving, you name it. In mindfulness practice you have an opportunity to bear witness to your thoughts and really tune into the conversation that’s going on up there. You also have an opportunity to learn to quiet the mind through non-reaction. Just like a bratty tween, if you ignore it, the whining will eventually stop. It just depends on the persistence of your ego, I mean tween;)

On this 2nd day of Love Week, I promise you that there is no better gift you can give yourself, or your loved one for that matter, than cultivating a daily and ongoing practice of mindfulness. Remember, we’re not going for perfection here; we’re simply striving for “better than we were yesterday.”

I leave you with this: Where in your everyday life can you find more flow? Take note of the activities that bring you the most joy and make it your mission to do more of them. #tyomd (tweetable)

#Onward in flow

Much Love,


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