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Fire, Ready, Aim

I heard this in an interview the other day, “Fire, Ready, Aim.” It was so refreshing to hear that other people not only think like this, but succeed like this.

I’ve lived by this sort of creed my entire life; some might even say to a fault. I have a hardy habit of winging it, and although I’ve paid the price for this seemingly causal flying by the seat of my pants, I’ve come to know it more as a strength than a weakness.

And I’m thrilled to have landed in such great company.

There is, more often than not, an underlying current to the chaos. It is not entirely random as friends (eye-witnesses) have teasingly criticized. I just happen to be one of those people who finds themselves in situations where “Sure,” seems like the better alternative to not ever having experienced it at all.

Some examples …

Sure, I’ll teach high school math with my elementary ed degree.

Sure, I’ll be the yoga/pilates guru when I’m certified spin/kickboxing.

Sure, I’ll go to Hong Kong and Thailand and Korea and Japan and Hawaii and Belize and South Africa and Bali and Nepal when my savings account suggests otherwise.

Sure, I’ll go on a silent 11-day meditation retreat without having researched it.

Sure, I’ll sell all my things and go live in a foreign country and write a book.

Sure, I’ll move to Brooklyn, NY even though I’ve never been there.

Sure, I’ll be on the Dr. Oz show.

OK, so the last one … is an example of the downside to “Fire, Ready, Aim.” Sidenote: If someone from TV calls, even if it is a credible show, ask what it is that you will be doing on the air [in case you’re like me and don’t think that’s important information to gather].

And failures can be fun if you let them. They certainly make for great material. #tyomd (tweetable)

On this 4th day of #loveweek, a snowday for most of us here on the east coast, I wanna see YOU BE BRAVE. That’s right, shake what yo mama gave ya! It’s a great recharge and you can’t help but smile;) Have at it.

I leave you with this: How are you in the Fire, Ready, Aim department? Are you over-thinking things? Where might “Sure” lead you? As long as it’s not the Oz show, I suggest you go for it;)

#Onward to Fire

Much Love,


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