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This Happened … Vday: One Billion Rising

Vigina Monologues, Eve Ensler, founder of VDay

20140214-190743.jpg* A day full of dancing;)

20140214-190758.jpg* Lotta love all over NYC

20140214-190814.jpg* Art in the park.

Holy Frijoles!

What a day of awkward dancing, laughing and love!

Funny, I’m more of a wallflower at these types of events than anything. It usually takes me a couple cocktails before I willingly step on the dance floor [from which I must then be pried off]. But give me a cause, and apparently, I will embarrass myself with the best of ’em.

That’s another thing, I’m not much of a “cause” girl. As I mentioned in Loveweek, the only reason I came to know and embrace Vday was due to the emotional impact that the Women in the World Summit had on me. I had been so blind to the fact that, not only are women being mistreated all over the world, acts of violence and disempowerment against women and girls is still terribly common and, often, accepted here in the US.

My ignorance had been my acceptance. And that, being a survivor of domestic violence myself, didn’t sit well with me. #tyomd

I didn’t have much more than time to donate, and even that seemed almost too precious as I peeled myself away from my to-do list. But as I showed up for both rehearsals to learn the flashmob steps, I was immediately embraced by the warmth of community, generosity and spirit. Thrilled that I’d made the commitment.

I was honored to be in the presence of so many women and men who go above and beyond in spreading awareness and seeking justice. Their activism is to be commended. Their passion, contagious.

This will definitely be a Vday to remember — a delicious ending to a warm and fuzzy love week.

Thank you to all who inspired me to get off the wall and shake what my proud mama gave me.

Until next time;)

I leave you with this: Go love on a lady in your life. Women are amazing, and they deserve mountains more respect than they get on this day or any, for that matter.


Much Love,


Oh yeah … and this happened too;)

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