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And Then There Were Five

The Fifth Agreement: What happens when your son grows up and wants a piece of the agreement pie. A book by Don Miguel Ruiz and his son, Don Jose Ruiz.

Be skeptical, but learn to listen.

I haven’t read this one just yet, but since I’ve covered One Agreement, Two Agreement, Three Agreement, Four, why not go the distance and bring you all the goods.

Be skeptical, indeed.

In this day and age, as Gma would say, we are overwhelmed with information, images, and manipulative media. Even close friends and family are speaking through their own filters, so we must learn to decipher and discern for ourselves what we adopt as gospel.

As I read and research all my personal development lit, I love to pick and choose which ideas and truths to take for a spin. I hold on to them for a while, see how they feel, drop those that aren’t a good fit, share those worth spreading. I’m open to almost anything. Shit, in the last few months I’ve tried (EFT) Tapping, Tibetan Rites, and even mirror-work affirmations. I even did some crazy motivational dancing last week at a conference, because … why not? If it’s working for someone, than so be it; why not give it a go?

I try not to judge unless I have experienced it on my own, and I am always happy to meet and converse with a good skeptic.

I’ve also been known to let go of practices and perceptions that are no longer inspiring me, no harm no foul. As we evolve, so shall our beliefs. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise;)

As for the learning to listen part, I’m all about the intuition. Since little can be taken for face-value, listening becomes an art. It takes not only using your ears, but becoming familiar with the material. Embodying symbolism. Seeking source.

This final agreement reminds us to slow down our judgement, search for context, and enrich meaning.

They really sealed the deal with this one.

I leave you with this: Go on a treasure hunt for knowledge and experience. Listen for clues. They’re waiting for you to arrive.


Much Love,


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