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Birthday Gold!

Spending the next five days at beautiful Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia getting our Sochi on;)

We woke up to rain and sleet and bitchin winds and I thought the bday boarding might have to wait a day. But then all the sudden, around 11 AM, the clouds rolled out, the skies cleared up and we had the most perfect sunshine-kissed spring skiing.

Whomever or whatever was in charge of that. Thanks, yo! We were thrilled;)

After winding our way down the mountain as many times as we could squeeze into our 4-hour window, we had some well-earned brews watching an burnt orange sunset and then went for a soak in the pool/hot tub under a canopy of stars.

We made it home just in time to see Michaela Shiffrin dominate in prime time.

Did anyone see this chick at the top of the mountain? Visualization, meditation, breath work, all smiles. I love this kid.

At seventeen, many asked her if she was nervous about her first rodeo. “This isn’t my first olympics,” she said, “I’ve been here one-thousand times in my head.”

In her last event, she had been bold enough to say she was bringing home gold, but didn’t even podium. Better yet, she winked at the camera just as she made her way to the start gate. Cool as a cucumber, this chick.

And this is exactly why I love the olympics. Everything is on display. The ear rubs before figure skating, the dancing before luge, the meditation before downhill. The journey into the zone where fractions of seconds, unexpected wipeouts, and slope conditions are just a few things that separate the medalist from the hopefuls.

Tomorrow I’m going all Shiffrin. Cool, calm and badass.

I leave you with this: What has been your favorite olympic moment? How has it inspired you? What does it encourage you to change/try?


Much Love,



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