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90% Water: Make Art Not War

*What the Bleep Do We Know

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this awesome video of Deva Premal and Miten singing the Gayatri Mantra that frequently pops up on my Pandora meditation channel.

This highly revered Vedic Sanskrit mantra is said to bestow wisdom and enlightenment, through the vehicle of the sun, who represents the source of inspiration of the universe.

I can get down with that;)

I first heard this song/chant live at The Omega Institute last year when Elisa and I happened upon the Spring Ecstatic Chant weekend.

We were both volunteering and hadn’t checked out the programming for our three-week stint. So we enjoyed several surprises during our stay, one of which, the epic chanting.

I remember just peeking my head into the large hall at first, standing at the back door. Elisa was working and my curiosity got the best of me. I had heard the singing and chanting in the distance, as I sat in the cafe working on publishing my book at the time.

I was nervous to enter. It looked cult-ish, on initial glance. But it didn’t take long to realize that the music was sending some powerful message-like vibrations through my body. I wanted in.

When Snatam Kaur began her set, I wept like a baby at the sound of her voice–the clarity. I love the melodies of some of her most popular songs. Everyone around me seemed to know every word. It wasn’t long before I was singing along. Most songs are sung in call back which makes participation super easy and almost involuntary.

On the second night of the weekend, I made Elisa join me. I was nervous she would think I was nuts, but she too got into it. We singled out musicians we were particularly drawn to. Participants were just as passionate and worth noting. There were some cute old ladies clapping and dancing. And who doesn’t love cute old ladies?

We heard Krishna Das perform as well. I always pictured him as a little old Indian man. Turns out he’s a tall, middle-aged white dude that according to C.C. White, one of the performers we met later in the evening, curses like a sailor, which truthfully only made me like the man and his music more.

I leave you with this: If our bodies are 90% water, and, as cymatologist Evan Grant notes, “Sound does have form and we have seen that it can affect matter and cause form within matter,” than what are the words and sounds coming in and out of your body doing for you? Choose your words by the patterns they represent. Make art not war!

#Onward in vibrations

Much Love,


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