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The Acceptance Diet: BAM! I’m handsome (Guest Post)

All my life I grew up sick and “disabled.”

On top of having epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and hydrocephalus–I was also fat!

I had a bum arm and a bum leg, and I would use it as an excuse every chance I got. I used my seizures as a crutch; I’d say things like, “I wish I could drive.” Or, “I get tired and angry from my medication.” All the while not realizing what the main issue was … ME.

Twenty-one years later, I started to see things differently. Better late than never, right?

After putting myself on a high protein diet, a green food diet, a detox diet, AND having a surgery to stop my seizures, I was ready to throw in the towel.

Then I tried the Acceptance Diet, and BAM! The sky opened up, the sun shined through, and everything became clear!

I began to see who I really was: a unique and amazing person. I could look in the mirror now and not just see a guy with a bum arm, and bum leg, and a seizure disorder, but a guy who was different in his own special way.

I began to realize that “different” was not as bad as I once thought it was, but rather different had a whole new meaning. And that meaning was, cool, courageous, fearless, and best of all, handsome! Ok, I threw that one in there, but it was something I’d never felt. And let me tell you, to be able to look in the mirror and say nice things about yourself is such an amazing feeling.

When you reach that point, you find yourself looking in the mirror every chance you get just to flash yourself a smile.

Being able to accept who I AM for what I AM took many years; something this big doesn’t happen overnight. I must say though that once this shift happened, my life has never been the same. I wake up every morning now with a smile on my face, and a grateful heart. I look fear in the face with a smile, and love directly in the eyes.

Acceptance: it’s the key to happiness, and the only true way to live. #tyomd (tweetable) 

Acceptance is a gradual process. Yet, incorporating acceptance affirmations into your daily life is one way to make this process a little easier. Our subconscious mind which loves to hold onto negative energy, and bring up whatever bad has happened in the past, or notices all of our inner demons in the present, CAN be transformed into a more positive atmosphere.

With the will to change, determination, and focus, your road to acceptance will become that much easier to navigate.

Here are a few acceptance affirmations that have helped me, and may help you too.

I accept who I AM and all that I was given

I accept my life

I accept responsibility for my thoughts

I accept myself completely and unconditionally

Keep on keepin’ on!


me suit

Daniel Cohen is an inspirational wellness coach who works with women and young adults who have low self esteem and self confidence. He helps them get out of their own way by helping them reclaim their self confidence, embrace their inner and outer beautiful, and live their lives boldly. He can be contacted through his website

2 Responses to “The Acceptance Diet: BAM! I’m handsome (Guest Post)”

  1. unsunglilly

    Amazing! We love this blog! So inspiring to us. We are a UK Band called Unsung Lilly and at the moment we’re promoting our #JustBeCampaign. Your blog touches on a hugely important subject that we are passionate for raising awareness for. Please do check it out at lets spread this message! 🙂



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