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Live Out Your Imagination Not Your History

Oh how the history is always surfacing. We say things like, “this is who I am,” or, “this is how I do things,” often without questioning why? Then, one might ask … How is that working out for you? And, most often, the answer is a very certain– “not.”

So rather than accepting the habits that make up our personality we likely inherited from our family or evolved from past experiences, why not break the mold, stretch our wings and blaze a whole new path. #tyomd (tweetable)

At the rate I was going, back in 2008, I was ready to tie a rock to my foot and walk into the deep end of the ocean. I waited and waited and waited for the world to throw me a frickin bone, standing there–helpless–clenching my victimhood in my fists as proof that I deserved a get out of jail free card.

Every opportunity that flew by, just inches from my grasp, or every bit of success that seemed to amount to nothing was further proof that I’d been dealt a bad hand. I held a tally. Me: 0 Life: 513

It was only when I CHOSE to do and see things differently that I laid out the welcome mat out for change. I learned that happiness was within my reach, but only if I was willing enough to create it.

I didn’t have to wait for a hand-out. I was not a victim of circumstance any longer. I was in control. For the first time, I felt independent of my history.

This shift takes action as opposed to the re-action we’ve been living. It takes trust and guts and the will to change. It takes love for oneself and compassion for those who are stuck. It takes imagination and dreams and passion and purpose to fuel the why?

It will be raw and real and revealing, but it’s worth it. Every bit.

When we stop rowing against the current and turn the boat around, we save energy AND actually have time to consider what we were in such a rush to find.

I leave you with this: Where are you stubborn in your actions/thinking and seemingly unwilling to change? How is that working out for you? If the answer is, “Not so much,” what can you do to start leaning into change? You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just do it.

#Onward to imagination

Much Love,


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