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Sing Till Your Soul’s Content


I present to you the best horoscope I’ve ever read for myself. I’m not much of an astrology buff. Actually, that’s a terrible understatement. I know nothing about astrology. Well, except that I’m a Pisces. A dead on Pisces.

In fact, I’m such a Piscean I was born with this symbol pisces tattooed right on my back.

Weird, right?

It’s really awesome when people confuse it for the Pi symbol. I once coached high school lacrosse and the entire team of young women thought it was super cool that I had the Under Armor logo tattoo. There is a surf and skate line of clothing, Hurley, that uses a similar symbol for their logo. Folks often assume I have an H on my back for my totally rad last name.

The moral of this part of today’s highly intellectual post is don’t get symbols tattooed on your body, even if you’re born with them.

Great, now that we’ve gotten through that order of business, let’s talk neurophysiology.

I don’t know about you, but “flushing away metabolic waste from my cerebrum” sounds like a terrific way to spend the afternoon.

And “purging my soul of any tendency it might have to ignore its deepest promptings,” is what we’re all about here at TYOMD. We take mental hygiene very seriously;)

And if singing in the shower, car, kitchen, rain (or wherever you do your best belting) is gonna do it, than I’m all lungs.

You know, I used to have a habit of going through my whole a cappella karaoke line-up in the shower.

It usually starts with country: Dixie Chicks, Sugarland, sometimes some Janis Japlin, Tracy Chapman, Indigo Girls. I throw in a little Tori Amos, Natalie Merchant, Jewel.

I’m sorta like a jukebox at a lesbian bar.

I also have a round of classics. That is some gospel classics, Disney classics and showtune classics for the long car rides when I’m falling asleep at the wheel. And when all those run out, I head straight for the concert choir standards from high school or the Catholic mass church hymns I still recall.

Yet, even with all that amazing material, I must admit it’s been a while. I can’t remember a time in recent months when I really went to town.

Since soul boosting and ramping up wild power to pursue my biggest dreams is my ultimate mission, I am all for dusting off the pipes. And since there is no such thing as embarrassing yourself after 35, I’m game.

Who knows, I might just wear my chunky headphones down the street and sing the whole way to the subway. Watch out, Brooklyn. I’m on a mission!

I leave you with this: I don’t care what sign you are. Sing, damnit. Sing!


Much Love,


2 Responses to “Sing Till Your Soul’s Content”

  1. Anne Lene

    Your’re right.. It’s been a while for me as well… I used to be really “good” at blasting away to music while I was driving.. (might have had something to do with the driving in a convertible with the top down) after I got back to Norway there has been less days with top down, and less days of singing…

    hmmmmm, I sure hope for a great spring and summer 😉 regardless of weather, it’s obviously time to crank up the music 😉



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