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Borrow a Custom Day: Lent it is!

Since I’m sort of a cherry picker of faiths, I’ve decided I’m going to give this “give something up for Lent” a go this time around. I grew up Roman Catholic, but I can’t remember the last time I gave something up for Lent, and much like past New Year’s resolution fails, I know I’ve never made it to Easter with my intentions still in tact.

In more recent years, I’ve gotten pretty good at stickin to my guns. I just shocked my system after coming off a six-week cleanse of sorts that started Jan. 1. And I try to make it a point every few months to give up something, just to keep on my toes and all.

Plus, this is a great time of year to give something up. A spring clean-out, if you will.

My only problem is, I can’t decide what to give up. I should really think this out, of course …

“I’ve got that vacation at the end of March.”

“Elisa’s birthday is somewhere in there too.”

Is this cheating? This is totally cheating, I know.

I prefer to look at it as setting myself up for success.

Lent begins today, March 5th and goes till Thursday, April 17th. So we’re talking about 40 days here. No small potatoes, but totally doable.

I’m making a game-time decision here. Boom! I’m going for coffee. It’s the first thing that popped up. There. I said it. No coffee.

Of course some people refer to my coffee as a “why bother?” Because it’s decaf. But I love a good americano and, quite honestly, I don’t need it.

OK, I’ve said it. It’s etched in stone now. No coffee till April 17th, mark my words.

It’s terrible that I was just thinking, “Unless, Elisa gets that BulletProof coffee she’s been talking about that’s super clean and apparently super tasty.”

I leave you with this: Again, it doesn’t matter your faith, call it whatever you want, do 30 days if you prefer, but try it out. Why not? What’s a little something you know you could do without? And may benefit from omitting?

#Onward to a little less

Much Love,


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