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Part of me suspects that I’m a loser …

“Part of me suspects that I’m a loser, and the other part thinks I’m God Almighty.” -John Lennon

I have yet to read a dreamer’s story who hasn’t–perhaps not in so many words–felt the same way. I certainly get the case of the who-am-I-kiddings on the regular.

The irony is, we are more fearful of being God-like than we are accepting qualities of that of a loser. We laugh off our personal failings and settle comfortably, or uncomfortably–regardless we settle–into complacency without friend, family, or bystander batting an eye.

We all have an inner battle going on. One side wants to play small and the other wants to go big. For instance, our ego loves routine; it loves feeling safe and cozy; it loves to reward us with television and facebook and ice cream because “you deserve it;” it likes to remind us that “there’s never enough time,” “that you can always do it later,” “there’s no money right now for that.”

The other voice is consciousness: our soul-voice. It wants us to grow, to expand, to serve, to challenge ourselves, to experience.

What voice do you think John Lennon listened to more?

Or any other successful person, for that matter. We’re all dealing with 24-hours a day here. This may just be the only real level playing field we have–time. And yet, some of us take risks, nurture dreams, and develop purpose, while others insist that they can’t, or they shouldn’t, or they’re not ready.

One gentle reminder:

Ego is also really awesome at excuses.

Phew! Don’t I know; I’ve said them all. I said them so often, in fact, I accepted them as my truths.

I let my fears speak for me. I sugar-coated my personal failings with sarcasm just so they’d go down easier. I ran from everything holy asking me to step up to the plate and play big.

Thankfully, we can only shell out so many excuses before even we get sick of them.

When I finally stood alone in a pile of only my excuses, it was easy to see that I was totally full of shit. #tyomd (tweetable)

It is only when we embrace that we are made from the very same energy that is our source, we expand organically. We are truly God-like, Universe-like, Divine-like … whatever you want to call it; we are it. Each and every one of us.

It’s just that some of us are too terrified to step into our greatness.

Two steps forward, two steps back is totally acceptable, btdub. Truthfully, that seems to me my dance right now.

Because I’m sick of playing small. I don’t like the taste of “loser;” I drank from that tap for far too long. I’m heading onto the field of risks and experiences, where doubt and fear get tackled on every play. I’m killing ego with kindness and having a divine dance with consciousness. I’m making love outta nothing at all. I don’t know where I’m going, but it feels damn good enjoying the ride.

I leave you with this: What could you do without your excuses? What is ego holding you back from trying? Let’s dance. Shall we?


Much Love,


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