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The World is Round People!: Happy International Women’s Day

Tomorrow, March 8th is International Women’s Day: a mashup of Valentine’s and Mother’s day in celebration of women all over the world.

I saw Cate Blanchett’s acceptance speech the other day and I was struck by just how gracious she was to her fellow nominees, celebrating the women for their talents and achievements. “#suckit!” she says with a smile to Julia Roberts. I also loved her empowerment piece: (to paraphrase) women centered movies are not only interesting, they make money!

Women have the bad rep for being catty and criticizing each other; thankfully, that feels like something of the past these days. More and more women are recognizing each other as power symbols, role models and positive mentors. We are lifting each other up, rather than breaking each other down.

It is such an exciting time for women. A likely female presidential candidate for 2016, amazing female innovators and entrepreneurs are changing the face of business and technology, badass female athletes are proving they are just as legit as their male counterparts–filling stadiums and drawing ratings for their sport.

I am incredibly inspired right now, as a woman. There are so many strong, passionate, purpose-driven women who are paving the path for us game-changers shortly behind.

Make no mistake, there is quite a lot to be done. Women are still not compensated as well as their male colleagues. 1 and 3 women will be affected by violence. Sex-trafficking is not just a problem overseas.

Thankfully, with social media, and more and more voices being heard everyday, these injustices are being documented more readily. As with anything, awareness is just the beginning.

Actions speak. And not just tomorrow, but everyday … the world is listening.

Happy International BADASS Women’s Day!! Me/We at TYOMD celebrate the shit out of you. #tyomd (tweetable)

I leave you with this: Whatever a mashup of valentine’s and mother’s day looks like for you, do it. Go make a fuss over the awesome women in your life;)


Much Love,


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