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Coach is Life

In all my years as a personal trainer, I always made the joke, “I would kill to workout with a great trainer!” It seems counter-intuitive because of course I know what to do; why would I pay someone to tell me what I already know?

Simple answer: accountability. And there are many more.

Having someone stand over my head and assure me that I got three more in me is a much more motivating voice than that in my own head that says, “We’re good here; let’s go get a smoothie.”

Some of the best of the best have trainers and coaches. Many whom I’m sure could get through a few workouts on their own, but why when they can have someone watch their form, set their workout rhythm, and motivate them through each rep. No brainer.

We see coaches and trainers most commonly in athletics, but they spill over into many other fields as well. Theater/acting, voice coaches, are the first that come to mind, any skill or trade that lends well to mentorship or apprenticeship as well. There are business coaches, health coaches, and I’m sure tons of other disciplines I’m leaving out.

And then, of course, there’s the life coach.

The only form of coaching that seems to carry some sort of negative connotation, or it used to at least.

This always leaves me scratching my head. Isn’t the most important game, the game of life?

Every day, most of us blindly navigate this incredible and awe-inspiring journey that is life without any clue which direction we’re actually heading. We guess and meander; we ho-hum along, waiting for messages to fall from the sky about which path we should take, which passion to follow.

We play a lot of follow the leader. We go to school, graduate–or don’t, get a job, get married–or don’t, start a family, and then have the mid-life crisis about all the time we wasted in between all those laid out for us life-altering events.

We are constantly in reaction-mode. Our day unfolds as it is dictated by those around us. We have lists upon lists of to-dos, but where is pursue passion on that list? Follow your dreams?

Sure, there are several peeps that deviate from this norm naturally. They were likely parented without the fear-mindset I was raised with or supported in their environment about what it means to develop purpose.

And then there are those rare folk whose dreams were shat on like the best of us, yet they had the intrinsic motivation to be badass right from the start. Damn outliers. #tyomd (tweetable)

For all these reasons, finding a mentor, coach, or trainer to help us stop searching for happiness and, instead, create it is invaluable to the most ultimate of ultimate games.

If you’re thinking you’re not quite ready for all that just yet (for the shit to get real, real quick), start with books, podcasts, youtube, anything you resonate with that will propel you forward. As I mentioned in a previous post, those mentors can be near or far, dead or alive. Immerse yourself in their work. Become a disciple.

When you have gone as far as you will on your own, you are likely ready for a real-life coach. Whether that be life, health, personal trainer, etc. The accountability is key. The reflection he/she will provide is game-changing. The clues, the evidence, the proverbial maps will save you time, energy, and money.

Even as a coach, I am constantly seeking out mentors, gurus, psychics (ok, not yet … but never say never). I am combing through articles every day on personal development, entrepreneurship, money mindset. I churn through books on kindle and audio. Biographies, success, finance, dreams, fear, emotions, empowerment, motivation, health and wellness, you name it. I love this stuff. I live for it. And likely your coach will too. Therefore, if it’s not your bag, baby, it doesn’t have to be.

The gloriously convenient part of the coach relationship is that he/she will funnel all that they have learned to you, but only the bits and pieces applicable to your situation. Who cares about everyone else, right?

Your goals, your passions, your purpose are the center of attention. Hooray! What more could you ask for?

Just like a doctor, shrink, or  etiquette coach though, you have to shop around for someone who best fits your mojo. He/she picks up what you’re putting down, if you know what I mean.

They will not and should not coddle your ego however. There are likely tens, and with social media perhaps thousands, of people enabling you already. Your coach should not be one of them. A kind bull-shit detector is more along the lines of what you’re looking for. Your very own Jiminy Cricket, except hopefully a lot less sing-songy.

Of course, you are always welcome to set voyage off into the land of outliers. I wish I had that wherewithal. Go for it, but do me a favor, will ya? Once you get where you’re going give me a call. I’m in search of a good coach and you may have just what I’m looking for;)

I leave you with this: Have you ever hired a personal trainer/coach or been mentored? Was it a positive experience? What did you learn? How do you think your life would improve if you made that investment in yourself? What’s holding you back?

#Onward as pupils

Much Love,


PS … you only get out what you put in. Coaching/mentoring is not a done for you deal. You must listen, be willing to change, and take action. If you do, you’ll have a decent pair of shoulders to stand on and a lot of momentum to spring forward. Rock on!

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