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Even though I feel really silly doing this … I deeply love and appreciate myself

Tapping World Summit *Nick Ortner and Louise Hay (vid)

I swore I would never get crystals and I swore I would never do tapping. I’m still holding out on the crystals, but the way this is all going … I guess I should never say never.

Also, I’ve known about Louise Hay for years, but have only in the past year come to know more about her, and her work. My issue: affirmations.

I had never been much of an affirmations girl either, but the more I learn about the science of language and its effect on the body, affirmations have been creeping their way into my daily routine and it seems they are here to stay.

It dawned on me one day that I had been saying affirmations forever in the realm of fitness. I cheer myself on regularly during runs and eeking out the last few reps of my weight-lifting set. “Come on! You got this.”

In fact, every time I resist an exercise (or anything for that matter), and deepen that resistance through language (verbal, thoughts, emotions), it becomes more difficult if not nearly impossible.

For instance, Elisa and I went for a run a month or so ago. We ran the two miles to the park and then the three mile loop around the park, and when we started for home, I lost it.

“I don’t want to do this anymore. I actually hate running. Why do you make me do this?”

The whining continued as she took off. My legs got heavier with each bit of resistance. My gate shortened. I even hit every damn red light while Elisa continued to get smaller and smaller in the distance.

Moral of the story. Words have power. And affirmations aren’t for sissies. Had I only started in on my typical chant I might have made it home three or four steps in front of Elisa, where I usually come in;)

“You got this! This ain’t shit. I’m the fastest in all the land!”

OK, maybe not the last one. But that’s the best part of affirmations. Fake it till you make it, mama! #tyomd (tweetable)

As for the EFT/tapping, I have watched several videos of Nick Ortner with victims of Sandy Hook, as well as the Rwandan Genocide. There is something to be said about tapping on the meridian points and allowing your body to take in the message.

We hold a lot of our negative emotions in the body. Many of us, since children. Think about it; in those early years when we didn’t have the words to properly express our emotions, or we didn’t feel like our voice was big enough to be heard, the natural thing to do was pack it all away. Then, as we get older, it becomes second nature to keep packing. Actually, some of us prefer that over the effort it might take to fix something.

For all those reasons and many more, I have come to know body work as a really important way to get to the mind. It could be through yoga, dance, soul cycle, acupuncture, reiki, message, tapping, and so on. It is all part of the let go and release that’s imperative to healing.

Tapping is awesome for children. I hear old people think it’s a hoot. I bet your cat could use some serious tapping.

You could even speak for him/her: “Even though I’m a cat, and therefore an asshole by nature, I deeply love and appreciate myself.”

It can’t hurt.

I leave you with this: If you’re not ready for tapping–too woo-woo. I get it. But try some affirmations, will ya? Even if it just starts in the gym, or carrying all 27 bags of groceries inside at once, or not barking at your bratty tween. You’ve got options. Affirm your way to awesomeness.


Much Love,


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