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i am badass because …

i am badass because .. I’m not afraid to say “I <3 me!"

We don’t celebrate our greatness enough. As kids, we had no problem bragging about just how awesome we were. But then we were corrected, “It’s not nice to brag,” they’d say.

Sure, no one likes a cocky douchebag, but genuinely recognizing our own accomplishments gets more difficult with each passing year it seems.

I just gave this assignment in my group coaching program and almost everyone struggled to complete it. The challenge was: Make a list of all the things you are most proud of in your life. That was it. It could have been anything from raising children to graduating college, or overcoming a nasty divorce to following dreams; anything.

Some couldn’t even think of one thing to write. They resisted the assignment all together.

Nada. Nothin’.

I think as a culture we have a bad habit of accomplishing something and then immediately pivoting in a new direction onto the next goal without really soaking up all we have achieved. Without a trophy, a ribbon, a written record, something visible to document the awesomeness, we simply forget.

The only problem with this kind of humble is that it won’t serve you when the next challenge hits. You’ll think, “I can’t do this. I’m not equipped for this.”

Hopefully you’ll have a good friend or family member to say something like, “Are you kidding me? Aren’t you the same person who left that asshole, Andy? Remember when you were terrified to live on your own and raise your boys and you killed it? If anyone can do THIS, it’s you!”

Unless your friends or family are following you so closely that they got your back 100% of the time, you might need to come up with your own list of badass-ness.

I am here to tell you that there is a time and place to celebrate your awesomeness out loud and this is it. Especially if it feels awfully uncomfortable. I’m heading out into NYC this weekend to find out the daily badass report on regular ol’ folks here in the Big Apple.

One photo, one question: I am badass because … (tweet-length.)

And you can to. I will be posting on instagram @hurleykat #iambadass #tyomd

Watch out world! I’m squeezing badass out of Brooklyn.

I leave you with this: Hop on instagram and let us know why you’re badass. (Or you are always welcome to leave a comment below.) Remember to #iambadass #tyomd so we can celebrate yo shiz. Also, make a list in your journal or calligraphy that joint and frame it: all the reasons why you are amazingly badass.

I’ll go first: “I am badass because I make my passions my priority.” (pic to come on instagram as soon as I get my butt out this damn apartment;)

Now, your turn!


Much Love,


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