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The Next 30 Years with entrepreneur Elisa Haggarty of Culinary Farmacy

This vid totally breaks the TYOMD ten minute rule, but there are some really great gems in there for aspiring entrepreneurs, health conscious folk, dreamers, gamechangers, etc., so do tune in. I just watched it in double-time myself, which was really entertaining.

Unfortunately, at minute 28, we got cut off for some reason. We thought everything was still rolling, so I quickly ran from one room to the next to ask the final question and send everyone off appropriately, but such is technology. Saturn must be pissing off Jupiter again, or something.

Anyway, the final question, after the socks, was: “Where can we find you?”

Elisa is super active on instagram @culinaryfarmacy

She is also on FB more than she cares to admit; you can find her here.

You can always stop by her website as well, for all sorts of yummy wellness shiz, and the option to subscribe to her newsletter of healthy badassery.

From both of us: Happy St. Patty’s Day! Drink green responsibly;)

To Elisa: Happy Birthday, baby. I cannot wait for the next 30, may they be your best yet;)

I leave you with this: I hope you take the time to watch the vid and take in Elisa’s advice on passion and service. I’m sure it is obvious just how much she embodies this work. One thing she didn’t tell you, was when she took the course for IIN she had no idea that it would lead to all this. She took it as a hobby, something she’d always been interested in. And that is often how finding your passion and purpose begins, with a hunch. For the love of all things kale, TUNE IN, your intuition is talking.


Much Love,


PS … If you’re interested in learning more about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and possibly becoming a health coach yourself, do give Elisa a shoutout because she has some scholarship stuff available for you.

PSS … Also, be on the look out for an upcoming group coaching course with yours truly and my fine fiance, Elisa. We will be rolling it out here shortly, but, for sneak preview’s sake, you should expect a course for the spring that covers everything from food to fitness to the mind/body/soul connection. Needless to say, it will be the one-stop-shop for shaking off this mean polar vortex.

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