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Pencils of Promise: A For-Purpose, non-profit

Marie TV *click here for vid

I’ve known about Pencils of Promise for a few years, but it was only today that I fell in love with the story behind it. Founder and CEO, Adam Braun, featured in the above video, has an amazing story of following his gut and looking out for the signs that ultimately led him to his calling. All things we admire and respect here at TYOMD!

Elisa and I are taking Maire Forleo’s B-School now, and not only do I think she’s great, I also have a super crush on her (which totally helps in the learning process).

So, for all those reasons and more, you should check out the above vid for awesome gems from Adam, as well as a great introduction to Marie Forleo and her work, because, on the real, she’s truly fabulous.

Extraordinary people DO create extraordinary change. #tyomd (tweetable) And Adam Braun is proof in the ever loving pudding. I know that I’m looking forward to reading his book and sharing more of his lessons with you. In the meantime, you can find out more about this terrific organization on the Pencils of Promise website. And if you’re so inclined, you can follow the link to purchase your own copy of The Promise of a Pencil.

I leave you with this: What does your dream-fund look like? What can you put $25 toward today?


Much Love,


PS … Be on the lookout, Elisa and I are releasing our new Spring Clean Course this week! Course starts April, 7th.

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