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Hooray! International Happiness Day

#thisishappiness teaching the young monks Simon Says at recess on our volunteer trip

The Happiest Place Film: Kickstarter Project

#thisishappiness @this is

This is a project I backed on Kickstarter months ago that I am so excited to see come to fruition. I have been following the updates and have heard a sampling of Imogen Heap’s score. I’m looking forward to the full experience because, from what I can tell, it’ll be stunning.

Plus, what’s not to learn from the happiest place on earth? Besides Disney Land of course, whose claim I beg to argue.

It is one of our very simple core commonalities. We all just want to be happy. #tyomd #internationaldayofhappiness (tweetable)

Sure, some of us have a really funny way of showing it, but when it comes down to it, even those that essentially suck at life just got misguided in their trip to happiness.

I know, it’s probably a little more complicated than that, but you know what I mean. 99.9% of us just want to be happy. We want to dance in the street to Pharrell’s hits and not give a f$&k.

When Elisa and I were lucky enough to travel all over southeast asia, we met all sorts of people who automatically thought we were rich because we were American. It took some getting used to, letting it sink in, that they were right.

We saw more poverty than we thought we could bare. But more often than not, that guilt and shame of taking for granted our abundant wealth and freedom, subsided with smiles and laughter and unadulterated joy.

We didn’t have to feel sorry for them. In fact, we had a lot to learn. Each country we visited taught us that we needed less and less to be happy.

For us it’s pretty simple. Good food, good intentions, good company.

I leave you with this: What’s your vision of happiness? Join the #thisishappiness campaign and show the world what you got. Smiles are contagious; spread the love.


Much Love,


PS … Happy Spring! Elisa and I launched our Spring Cleaning: Mind, Body, Soul 6-Week Online Course today. Do check it out as it will surely be awesome.

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