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Juice Up Your Creative Genius

That is one of the greatest things about living in NYC, being surrounded by creative genius everywhere. It still, after almost two years, boggles my mind some of the talent in the subway tunnels. In a whole city of dreamers it seems everyone is wearing their art on their sleeves.

I am constantly inspired by the guts, the vulnerability, the hunger. It moves me to want to bare it all, poetically speaking.

There is plenty of art that never need to be shared though if that’s not your calling. There is an intimacy, much like how I describe meditation. You’re in flow, as I mentioned last week, and time stands still, stress falls away, and you commune with your highest self for as long as you allow.

You don’t even have to be creative to go there. Yesterday, Gabby Bernstein, was talking about her new-found obsession: ceramics. A hobby turned true passion.

I was a bit of a musician as a kid and have always had a love for instruments, but those dreams seem to fade further and further into the distance each night I spend with my computer on my lap. The irony is, when we think we’re better off being more productive crossing more and more off our to-do lists, we are losing the connection that comes with activities that juice up our creative genius.

Dancing, in the club or in the living room; singing in the choir, or in the shower; exercise, from yoga to zumba, or surfing to walks in nature; music; art; writing; foreign languages; gardening; sewing, quilting, crocheting; building shit; innovating; etc.

Oh, and one more important one, service: anything from small acts of kindness to dedicated volunteer work.

For many of us, this looks like a long list of things that we’ve given up on till retirement. Yet, with the infinite resources at our fingertips for practically pennies, and cheaper, not to mention the real life Meetup groups or extended learning programs, it is sad that we don’t make time for such immeasurable joy in our lives. And I’m guilty with the best of ’em.

I have added dance breaks into my work day, I must say. And I do make time to work out, but I’ve been promising myself I’d pick up an instrument and master at least one before I die. I played sax and trumpet and french horn as a kid without the neighbors’ dogs getting riled up, but that’s about it; as opposed to the hacking of the piano keys and the awkward plucking of the guitar strings. I’ve already warned Elisa that when we buy a home I’m getting a full drum kit.

In the meantime, maybe I’ll pick up the recorder again or penny whistle;) Only because I’m still upset I left my ukulele on the plane on the way back from Hong Kong where, in my “gap year”, I swore I’d finally learn how to play.

If we don’t use it, we lose it, folks. The more time we spend in the right brain, the better. Science is showing how our relationships improve, our careers, our physical and mental health. So far there have been no reports of people on their death beds wishing they had crossed off yet another item on their to-do list. Instead, they yearn for more experiences; they wish they had deepened relationships; they wish they had danced to Biggie in the car, instead of listening to NPR.

OK, perhaps only a hand full of people have said that last one, but I imagine the numbers are rising.

I leave you with this: Especially if you’re not much of a meditator, what activity or class or hobby can you pick up to tap into your creative genius? Or, what are you doing now that you might benefit from doing in quiet or with light music as opposed to TV? What have you been drawn to, but putting off for years? Start there.


Much Love,


PS … We will be doing a little bit of creative juice flowing in our upcoming Spring Cleaning: Mind, Body, Soul 6-week Course. If you haven’t checked out the deets, get on it! It’s our most creative and comprehensive course yet, how bout that;)

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