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Gayest Hugs Ever

I love this vid because it brings us back to the concept that connection is compassion that I touched on, most recently, in Behind Bars, Open Hearts.

It is easier to judge and see “other” when we refuse to see likeness. I think I read once that we are 99.9% exactly the same, no matter color, creed, or nationality. In each of us, the biology piece that actually controls our genetic differences is about the size of a peanut.

Which means, we’re literally fighting over peanuts.

Also, our biggest gripes with others are often based on our own insecurities, no? I know for me, every time I get all high and mighty–thinking smack–I learn more and more about myself, that is if my ignorance so allows.

Compassion trumps self righteousness, hands down, every time.

Pema Chodron talks about those that drive us nuts as being our greatest teachers. I just love that. They teach us what we need to learn about who we judge and why we do it, over and over. They call “fraud” on our imperfect selves still so quick to point the finger. And they don’t go away until we’ve learned our lesson, sometimes again and again.

This hug analogy is perfect, because–think about it–what part of you must open up to extend your arms to someone else? What commonalities would you then automatically see in him/her?

Some of our biggest heroes were known to open their arms to everyone. Many of which are considered saints. I’m not saying we should all go hugging leapers if we don’t feel so inclined, I’m thinking we should just start with the “crazy” lady in front of us at Starbucks;)

I leave you with this: Who in your life needs a hug? Or better yet, who is a mirror reflecting back the part of you that needs a hug? Get ’em! Literally or metaphorically. Believe me, you got nothing to lose, except perhaps a little ego.


Much Love,



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