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Rosa Parks: “All I was doing was trying to get home from work.”

I just love the matter of fact-ness of this quote. She hadn’t woken up that morning thinking, “Today I shall ignite a movement that will change the face of the US.” On that December 1st day, instead, she went to work, going about her day as usual.

We never know when we will be struck by intuition or gumption to act in such a way that could greatly impact others, perhaps even the world. She was simply tired of “giving in.” And she hadn’t been the first, but just like any outlier, time and place played their part.

This is a great reminder that we don’t have to do or strive to be anything extraordinary to make extraordinary difference. #tyomd (tweetable) We just have to be aware of our surroundings, in tune with our intentions, and steadfast in our integrity.

Everyday heroes we see in the local news encompass all those things. We often hear them say, “I don’t know what made me do it.” Or, “It came so naturally in the moment.”

We can’t be so plugged in and so tuned out that we’re not even aware of the world around us to respond when we’re needed. Not that you need to keep a cape and your capital “S” in your purse for quick changes in telephone booths either.

Ordinary days are filled with extraordinary opportunities to make a difference if we’re willing. That may be just simple and random acts of kindness, or a warm smile and polite gesture.

Can we remain unplugged for long enough to remember that we really are the world? Each of us has a part in this great symphony.

I leave you with this: What is your role, support or solo? Either way, make it magnificent!


Much love,



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