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One Run

The One Run Official car with every single runner’s signature.

What an amazing experience it was this morning to be a part of one of the NJ legs for the One Run for Boston to support survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing last year.

Even tragedy has beauty. We saw it in the heroes that came out of the woodwork for the victims last year, and we continue to see it in the runners, in the volunteers, those who donated, and those who came out in support.

We had firefighters and police officers and a high school drum squad and a whole class of 5th graders, and countless horns beeping, fist pumps, high fives and hollering. If only my daily runs fostered as much enthusiasm.

It was an honor to run in such good company for such an amazing cause.

I leave you with this: Sign up for something that is near and dear to your heart. Perhaps something you’ve been thinking about doing for a while. Trust me, you’ll be genuinely glad you did.

local press: here

official site:


Much Love,


PS … i had the dramatic finish on video, or so i thought, yet when we reached the exciting end I looked at my phone only to see that really terrible there-is-no-more-room-left-up-in-this-piece message on the screen. #fail

I guess you’ll just have to trust me; it was epic.

Mostly because of these 5th graders …



And all these awesome folks;)


Thank you, Kelly Polison, Run4YL, and all the runners and volunteers.

B strong!





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