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The Next Right Thing: What I learned Today from Momastery

We talked about the concept of “chunking down” yesterday with my guest, George Whiteley, as a way to tackling big challenges/fears. I know Al Anon and other 12-step groups advocate for “Just deal with TODAY.” But I love Glennon Melton’s approach, as she claims a whole day was way too big to conquer: “I just did the next right thing,” she says.

This is how she quit years of addiction to alcohol, bulimia, and drugs, simultaneously, by doing just that. But this could easily be applied to business, to personal improvement goals, and, of course, to dreams;)

Often times we get overwhelmed by the grandiosity of our goals and instead of doing something small, we do nothing. If it’s a website you’ve been wanting to build, buy the URL. If it’s a class you’ve been wanting to take, look up the schedule and register.

Making one decision at a time, taking steps in the direction you want to go is doing the next right thing. Ride the momentum of baby steps, ain’t no shame in that game.

It’s all about the journey.

I leave you with this: Do dream big … don’t change that. Just chunk it down into the simplest next “right” thing.


Much Love,



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