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Ink Time: Legend says …

I had a really cool moment with a hummingbird one late afternoon, 2009. I had just returned from an almost two year stint in hawaii, where occurrences of serendipity float on the breeze and island rhythm beats through spirit and soul.

Without surfing, and trail running, and lush green and mesmerizing blue, I was struggling, to say the least. Baltimore is awesome, but it’s no hawaii. My meditations were flat, all synchronicity was on standby; I needed a sign of some sort, no bullshit.

And then out of nowhere she came. We met nose to beak. I was sitting still, out back on the patio, when I felt a steady flutter on my face. I have a strict “no opening eyes rule” during meditation, but this definitely demanded my attention.

And there she was, staring back at me. Her wings a blur. Her eyes as wide as mine, trying to make sense of each other. And then, just like that, she was gone.

But it was just the visit I needed. Sure enough, Synchronicity had followed me home. I wasn’t alone; I wasn’t lost; I was right where I was supposed to be, like always.

“Legend says that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation.”

It took a while, but I think I finally found my tattoo (shown above).

It’s time. Yup! Ink time;)

I leave you with this: Do you have a spirit animal? Any cool occurrences out in nature that left you speechless? Do share.


Much Love,



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