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Thrive Conference NYC: Take One


Thrive NYC

What an evening full of unexpected surprises. First, I show up to the event not knowing much of what to expect at all, and there is this escalating anxiety, in an extremely long line I found myself in, that several of us holding a comp ticket would not actually make it into the theater.

As I stood in line chomping down my HU Kitchen take-out, which is not very “third-metric” of me (multi-tasking and all), I see Arianna Huffington making her way through the line (I suspect in an effort to apologize for the confusion). I quickly throw my food in one of my bags and get out her book to be signed for one of you guys. A few others have stopped her in front of me and it seems that her peeps are pulling her along to get her backstage (no more book signing), so instead I ask to have a picture with her.

Here she is stunning and I look like a DJ who just wrestled my way through baggage claim;)

After a half hour more, at least, of moaning and groaning from the line, we were finally let in. People were so certain we wouldn’t make it that they had bailed all together. I wanted to preach from the line, “Come on, people. Manifest.” Yet, thankfully, my learn-when-to-keep-my-mouth-shut reflex kicked in.

I would either get in, or I wouldn’t. In the meantime I’m gonna check my email and read on my Kindle. All the fuss in between just seems like a waste of energy, no?

Anyway, sorry … I never understood worrying for the sake of worrying.

Oh right, so inside the theater, our hosts, Arianna and Mika Brzezinski, introduce Maysoon Zayid whom I had just seen on TED last week. She is a hilarious comedian/activist with cerebral palsy who has overcome many many obstacles and is even funnier for it.

Next we met, Andy Puddicombe, an ex-buddhist monk and co-founder of Headspace, a meditation and mindfulness app. He also has a TED talk, which I have yet to see, but if it’s anything like his talk this evening, and includes his juggling act/meditation metaphor … it’s worth it.

Then came two very different writers. First, Adam Grant Give and Take and then Dani Shapiro, whose book Devotion is one of the next on my list. Adam Grant had some super fascinating research to share about givers, takers and what he calls matchmakers, and how they compare in terms of success. I found a TEDx of his, not quite the same topic, but good stuff too.

Lastly, Dani Shapiro talked about one of my fave topics, authenticity and vulnerability. She shared her experience of being called to appear on Super Soul Sunday, and how almost immediately the doubt began to surface. She, like many people, I’m sure, began to wonder, “Am I really Oprah-worthy?” She told the story of the Oprah representative who could sense she was nervous and said, “Don’t worry just be yourself.” Her unfolding of what it means to be yourself when most of us are so busy trying to play someone else was so spot on that I can’t wait to read more from her and share with you when I do.

I got a good laugh when Huffington called out Shapiro for being on her third husband. With a third metric disclaimer and Huffington’s charm, “If you don’t get it right the first time, you just keep on trying.”

During the break, I ran into Brendon Burchard, my gf Marie Forleo, and Agapi Stassinopoulis (Arianna’s sister) with whom I shared a tender moment about my mom and her mom. She was lovely. Clearly, good genes;)

I love these events and being in a theater of like-minded people. I’m thrilled to see mindfulness and meditation more and more in the mainstream. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and more selfies with fun folks.

I leave you with this: Follow along live, if you can, through the Third Metric Huffpo updates, or just take a few minutes and check out the awesome speakers above. Good stuff; great movement!


Much Love,


PS … Let’s get social, if we aren’t already;)

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