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Discovering Your Soul Signature: Panache Desai

I have searched high and low for a video peek of Panache Desai’s talk at the Thrive Conference last week and I can’t find anything close. I found a few clips from his 2013 visit to Super Soul Sunday, but they are only a taste of his authentic and powerful message.

Never fear! I’m in the midst of reading his new book, Discovering Your Soul Signature, and I’ve got him on my radar now, so I’m sure this won’t be his only piece on TYOMD.

The book begins with this moving quote by Joseph Campbell: “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

Desai refers to it as our soul signature, that essence of us, our authentic and, often, most vulnerable selves. It is who we are at the core, our singular contribution to the world that often gets buried under anger, fear, guilt, shame, sadness and despair.

His message calls to me because I so remember the years that I was too afraid to look deep within. I recall joking to friends that I had yet to ask for a sign from my angels (mom and Gma) because I was certain they would give me one.

And then what?

And then I’d have to stop playing so small.

I’d have to stop frittering away life in front of a television or on a bar stool or in a job I don’t particularly like or in a relationship I’m still questioning.

I’d have to step away from my go-go-go habits and my doing-doing-doing list and just be–with me and my thoughts, alone for a minute.



Because then I’d realize that I have a purpose. And that my gift to the world is pursing my passions and living as my highest self.

Then what?

I’d learn how to meditate and make peace with my thoughts. I’d actually begin to love myself and the body I’m in. I’d befriend fear; expose shame, guilt, and pride for whom they are. And I’d discover gratitude as the greatest gift.

I’d come to understand how energy never dies and how expansive love is and that God is no further away than our own acceptance.

I’d smile more; I’d laugh twice as long; I’d sing louder; I’d dance for days; I’d trust beyond measure; I’d love you to the moon and back. I’d feel more alive, more powerful, more unmistakably me.

Thank goodness I finally got up the nerve to ask for that sign.

I leave you with this: You should too.


Much Love,



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