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I Have Two Mums, and guess what, I’m awesome!

Elisa and I are up in the Adirondacks for the weekend with only a blink of wifi, so I’ll make this brief.

We are here giving workshops at Camp Bravehearts, an oncology camp for women. We love coming here and always leave inspired by the sisterhood, the collective spirit, and the courage.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to capture a few glimpses of this very special and transformational place.

In the meantime, check out the above vid. I caught it earlier this week and just loved the message.

Kids are awesome. They totally know what’s up. It’s us old people that have got it all backwards.

I leave you with this: Do you have any kids in your life that you might be able to learn a thing or two from? Next time you’re hanging out, try to give your full honest-to-goodness attention and see what you can take away. The world from their eyes is pretty fucking cool;)


Much Love,




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