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Sweet Retreats: Reality starlets

Sweet Retreats – Tampa Bay – Live Well Network (click here for vid page)

We interrupt today’s usual broadcast to bring you this awkward, yet valiant attempt at reality television;)

Elisa and I were invited to be on the show back in February. This episode was filmed in March. With just a few weeks of chopping and blocking, here she goes.

We had a blast; we loved the crew, but I can’t promise we’ll become reality d-listers any time soon.

I wrote about how Elisa manifested this trip so magically, back in March. If you need a little background, check it here.

It’s funny, I do most of the meditating and Elisa seems to make out with all the manifesting.

I leave you with this: If the Universe calls and offers you a trip to Florida in exchange for a likely embarrassing half-hour spot on television, I say go for it. “You have to laugh at yourself, cuz you’d cry your eyes out if you didn’t.” – emily saliers


Much Love,


PS … If you happen to be in college, and anything like me when I was 20, drink every time you hear the word “awesome.” It’s all the rage in drinking games;)


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