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Empowering Question: Awesomenessfest

I love Mindvalley and almost everything they put out, including clips from speakers at Awesomenessfest. I don’t recall having heard Lee Brower speak before, so this was a real treat. He covers everything from gratitude to empowered wealth.

Admittedly, I watched it in double time which brought it down from one hour to 30 minutes. If that’s still too long, hopefully I’ll be able to pull out some of the best bits for you, and perhaps you can catch the full vid on the rewind, when you get a sec.

This is Philosophers Notes style – (aka – Cliff Notes)

Begin In Gratitude (B.I.G.) – Go BIG – Before you unload a string of complaints, start with 3 things you are grateful for. I love how Brower uses this with his family and clients. With his family it shifts negative energy to positive, with clients it opens up the pathways of creativity at the start of every meeting.

“Can light and darkness occupy the same space at the same time? Can creativity and negativity?” #truth

Make your future bigger than your past – Big Y – What is essential for you? Change the way you make decisions based on your Big Y – getting clarity.

Mmmm … this is so delicious. We talk about this all the time here at tyomd, but it’s always great to hear someone else saying it;)

Always make your learning greater than your experience – “Share your experiences in order to make learning greater than your experience. What happened? And why are you grateful for it? Capture it and deposit it so you can use it later in the future.”

Our brain biologically stores negative experiences over positive because remembering where a lion den is and which berries are poisonous was really friggin important back in the day. Now we have to go a few extra steps to really store the good stuff.

Browers tip: Get it in motion …

How to get it into motion? Take steps now. – Write about it if you don’t have someone to share it with. Find a way to stamp it in;)

“If an experience in your past does not serve your future let it go.” #truth2

Jump in at 30 min. to catch his 4-quadrant explanation. It’s good shit. And most of us are going about it all wrong.

Surrender but don’t give up – Allow. Another one we echo here at tyomd all the time. Do your best and then let go of the result.

Replace your goals with Brower’s Pringles concept – What is this going to mean to me? Have a vision. If you know the essential for you, don’t let the things that are very important to you get in the way of the essential. The key is motion.

Motion: “Just put on the workout shoes and do one push-up.” I use this concept with my clients all the time. “Just put on your workout clothes,” I say. “Just go to the gym and walk around.” 😉

Celebrate: “Outward display of gratitude.” Seal it with gratitude. Drop by my Gratitude is the New Sexy group page for inspiration;)

Empowering Question – Rephrase “I gotta do this,” “I gotta do that” with: How can I put this to use? What can I do first to maximize this information/experience?

Then, I just have to bullet the bit about the “horizon between our ears.” We are constantly seeking outside ourselves. Through our goals or something else in the future. Yet, no matter how far we move forward, we are never satisfied. This is a good thing, actually, as long as you can enjoy the ride along the way.

This fact blew my mind:

Subconscious mind computes 11,000,000 bits of information per second. Conscious mind: 20 bits (Ummmm … that explains a lot.) I haven’t fact checked yet, but even if he’s off by a couple mill, I’d still say we’re outnumbered.

Another one:

83-88% of your brain is in the subconscious, which works 24 hours a day.

Brower suggests we teach our subconscious to look for the solutions rather than the problems. All in how you frame it. “What can I do today to …?”

Basically it is a download from the subconscious into the conscious. The subconscious is picking up everything the universe is putting down. We just have to ask the right questions to tap into it.

“Wisdom is pure intelligence before the contamination of thought.” #truth3

I leave you with this: How might you be able to reframe something that has been on your “I have to do this…”-list?


Much Love,




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